Stop Snoring Exercises You Can Try At Home

Now, when we mention exercises, we’re referring to exercises of the tongue, jaw, and facial muscles. These exercises help strengthen our muscles and keep them tighter during sleep. By practicing these exercises, the blockages of the airways become freer.

Ofcourse, if you’re overweight, the sensible thing to do is lose weight since this can be a primary factor of your snoring. It’s always helpful to get in regular shape and practice exercising to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But since exercising is now the general notion to stopping snoring, we’ll focus on the other side of exercising that most have no idea just yet: facial exercising. This, similar to exercising to lose weight, can also help you stop snoring. Read on below to find out the most common and most successful facial exercises to stop snoring. We’ve also categorized them and broken them down according to the type of exercise and muscle.


Jaw Exercises

There are a number of jaw exercises that a snorer can do to reduce or stop altogether their snoring habit. However the most successful one among those who have tried it is just a simple chewing exercise. Basically, you just pretend to chew a piece of gum. Simple as that.

Simply move your jaw in an upward and downward fashion as if you’re chewing food. This must be practiced several times a day. Though you do chew quite a lot, it’s necessary to practice this exercise without any food in your mouth to be effective.

Another easy jaw exercise is to stick out your lower jaw so that it get past the upper jaw. Hold it in that position for about 10 seconds at a time. Try to atleast do it several times a day, atleast 10 and the result will surely be noticeable.

Another, similar to the above, is to just hold your jaw as wide as you can. Hold it in place for about ten seconds at a time and try to do it 10 times a day.

Lastly, another exercise, one considered to be the most successful, requires you to use your hands so it’s best to dedicate atleast a few minutes of your day to this activity. In this exercise, you should again open your mouth wide, and then use your hands to gently apply pressure to your lower jaw while the mouth is open. You should slowly apply continual pressure almost until the point where it becomes painful. Do this for around ten seconds at a time and again, as many times throughout the day as you possibly can.

Tongue Exercises

Among the many culprits of snoring, the tongue is easily the most recognizable one. It falls back on your throat and may be a cause for obstruction. Strengthening your tongue may just eliminate the problem.

The easiest method of exercising your tongue is to simply stick it out as far as you can and simply move it around. Try to touch the side of your lips but do not curl your tongue. This will enhance the stability of your tongue to stay in place and not easily flap down to the back of your throat. It is encouraged to be done ten to fifteen seconds at a time then slowly placed back on your tongue. This should be practiced several times a day, as much as you can, but only two minutes at a time.

Others feel uncomfortable in doing this so others prefer to do it in private. This exercise not only strengthens the tongue but the jaw as well.

Throat Anti-Snoring Exercises

Though it may seem weird, but singing may just be the golden standard of exercises to stop snoring. Practice singing anywhere- from the shower or up to the car- and you’ll surely strengthen your jaw, throat, and tongue. Don’t even worry about being embarrassed, who knows, maybe you’ll develop a career in your singing!

While singing songs may be helpful on a smaller scale, its best to do exercises similar to how professionals do it. With their exercises, they warm up their throat and muscles in the mouth so that it becomes stronger which is able to withstand stronger vibrations. When they can stiffen and withstand vibrations in the mouth, snoring will then be absent.

Another exercise one can do is to practice vowels over and over again right before going to sleep. This loosens up your tongue and jaw before you hit the hay. Again, if you’re feeling a little embarrassed about trying out this exercise, you can always do in in private, say the comfort of your own bathroom.