Do I Need Any Tests?

If your snoring isn’t much of a concern for you or isn’t troubling anyone else, you need not to see a doctor for immediate concern. However, do consider seeing your GP if:

  • Your partner witnessed you’ve stopped breathing during the night
  • Your snoring is causing a rift in your relationship with your partner
  • You wake up gasping during the night
  • You feel tired or sleepy during the day

Initially, your GP would want to examine you further. They’ll have to check your weight, height, examine your nose, throat, mouth, and neck. Usually, no tests are required immediately. However, your GP may need to:

  • Conduct a sleep study if your doctor suspects you of having OSA
  • Provide a blood test to check your thyroid hormone levels if he thinks it’s relevant
  • Refer you to an ENT for an examination of your throat. The ENT specialist will then look into possible blockage to your throat that may be the culprit in causing snoring.